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s i a r g a o

A n   I s l a n d   o f   L e t t i n g   G o  

n intangible phenomenon of feeling oneself

being removed from heartbreak leaving one


to feel vulnerable, exposed, and scared to


delve into the great unknown. The natural


beauty invokes inner peace whilst paying homage to the


island of Siargao that help bring this to life.  

The concept takes on a personal experience and brings to life


the emotions I once felt during what is a significant moment in


my life. More importantly, the collection puts to light the


importance of the space by which the sequence of


transformative events took place. As such, the collection


appeals to sight and emotion.

                 What this defining moment is, as trivial as it may sound, is one I am sure most, if not all of us have dealt with in varying forms and


degrees. Here I am referring to the familiar experience of being heartbroken. This experience was all the more inflamed with the fact that my


past relationship had encompassed five years of my life; a long-term relationship that all too quickly, dissipated into a feeling of emptiness.

              That being said, however, the point of my collection is not to evoke the sadness and emptiness I once felt. Rather, the collection aims to


embrace the feeling of coming to terms with the trauma. The moment of accepting the situation and learning of the invaluable concept that life


certainly has more in store, and that beauty is not just located in a person or people we love or used to love, but that it is around us constantly,


in objects, nature, art, and most importantly, ourselves.


he collection also highlights the space


by which this change in my mindset


took place. This place is called Siargao.


 A small gem in my home country, the Philippines. 


The island of Siargao looks nothing short of


breathtaking. It is surrounded by beautiful blues,


crystal, aquamarine, and deep alike. The island of


Siargao is known for its raw surroundings where


both local culture and the environment are well


preserved. This is largely due to its isolation from


the rest of the Philippine islands. The aquamarine,

warm Pacific waters also generate powerfully


currents that make the island the surf capital of the


country. With that, the general isolation of the island


and its stillness, which oftentimes felt


uncomfortable, had allowed me to ponder and think


through my emotions.  It frightened me to think of


how much I had lost, not just of the other person, but


also of myself. However, the tranquillity of Siargao


generated in me a feeling of calmness, which then


precipitated into an ability to see myself beyond the


failed relationship and beyond my heartbreak.


I noticed everything at this time, the undying sounds


of the waves crashing from all directions, the stark


and gleaming sunlight that filled everything and


everyone, the tropic greens that ventilated my chest


with new, fresh air.

           During the times in the water, the loudest


problems could not be heard in the wake of the


waves that beat in a rhythmic chorus which


sincerely revived me, and brought back my senses


and appreciation for the beauty evidently around and


within me.

            Soon enough, I adopted the ways of the


the environment around me—the energy of being raw


and myself. I was sincerely thankful for the beauty


that lay before.



              All that said, the collection thus seeks to


portray this intangible phenomenon of feeling, whilst


paying homage to the place that helped bring this to


light. To conclude, I met Siargao in a state of


heartbreak but left the place in love—with myself


and with life.


c o l o u r 

Siargao S/S 2020 colour palette transcends the


idea, vision, and emotion that the Island has to offer.


It is a heaven kind of a place as nature is

everywhere. It is a mixture of light tan colours


representing the sand of the beach, various shades


of green symbolize the countless trees and exotic


tropical plants and diverse tones of aquamarine blue


representing the undying beauty of crystal clear


water and tranquillity behaviour of the sky. Blending


these tones together deliver serenity, calmness


and mimics the stillness of the island that inevitably


adapts into our emotion from the rhythm of the


environment that inevitably adapts into our



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